Sunday, May 06, 2007

Periwinkle Rowan Magazine 41-Start

In het laatste Rowan brei- en haakboek staan vele magnifieke patronen. Eén bepaald patroon sprong er voor mij uit, nl. Periwinkle:
The latest Rowan Magazine contains many gorgeous knitting and crochet patterns. One particular pattern caught my attention, namely Periwinkle:

Het model is gehaakt in Calmer maar dit verving ik door Tapestry van Rowan in de kleur Pot Pourri. Dit "streelzachte" garen (een mengeling van 70% wol en 30% sojavezel) levert in deze tint een combinatie van bruin, roze en terracotta:
The pattern is crocheted in Calmer but I substituted this yarn by Tapestry from Rowan in the shade Pot Pourri. This very "huggable" yarn (a mixture of 70% wool and 30% soybean) comes in this shade in a combination of brown, terracotta and pink:

Waarom het garen vervangen? Ik was benieuwd naar het effect van een multikleurgaren, vooral omdat Tapestry een relatief lang kleurverloop kent.
Why substitute the yarn? I was curious about the effect a variegated yarn would make, especially because Tapestry has long stretches of colour.

En nu kon ik beginnen aan de meer dan 100 individuele haakrondjes (met bijbehorende draadjes om in te stoppen):
And then I could take a beginning with the more than 100 individual pieces to crochet (with matching yarn ends to darn in):

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AnneV said...

Oooh, so yummy! I also crocheted something of Tapestry lately, but my problem at the moment is that I *think* I should have two more balls of it somewhere but I just can't locate them. It's also possible that I've used them - I don't have scales at home, so I should go to a supermarked with the crocheting project and remaining yarn and weigh it there. And last week I found one ball of Tapestry here in my office. Why have I taken it to work with me?

And don't even get me started on those yarn ends... Your project will be lovely when finished.